Welcome on the website of WiCi Concept and
     its unique designs of toilets with basin !

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Benefits of WiCi Concept’s toilets with basin

  • Great optimization of the space
  • Originality, convenience and hygiene
  • No need to go in the bathroom or the kitchen anymore
  • Possibility to re-use the water
    (save from 200 to 2000 liters per year)
  • Complete kit, nothing to add and easy to install
  • French design and manufacture

WiCi Concept’s range of toilets with basin

For a comprehensive overview of the range WiCi Concept (detailed description of each of our products and their options, retail prices in euros and data sheets), we invite you to download our english brochure.

All our products are complete high-quality kits, no need to add anything for the installation.

Team WiCi Concept by Atelier Création JF