Reduced price! WiCi Mini wall-hung basin - 3 part wall-support Expand

WiCi Mini wall-hung basin - 3 part wall-support

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WiCi Mini wall-hung basin - 3 part wall-support

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WiCi Mini wall-hung basin - 3 part wall-support

The WiCi Mini wall-hung basin kit contains

Vasque suspendue WiCi Mini support 3 pieces - configuration eclatee Contenu du kit petit lave-mains pour WC WiCi Mini

  • WiCi Mini ® hand wash basin, acrylic based, high quality with anti-UV and antibacterian treatment, pure white color, 21 cm x 21 cm size
  • Wall-support in steel, 3 parts
  • Manual cold water tap by Ottone Meloda ®  : size, spurt and flow specifically adapted to the WiCi Mini ® hand wash basin
  • See-through liquid soap dispenser (250ml capacity) with its holder, to be suctionned or glued
  • Double faced suction pads or acrylic / ceramic glue (or both, as you please !)
  • Free-flowing plug with a stainless steel insert
  • Flexible water input and outlet pipes (length : 60cm)
  • Towel suction hook
  • Fastenings and seals
  • Assembly instruction, in color, ultra detailed

Configuration choice

  • Wall support

To place your WiCi Mini ® wall-hung basin up against the wall, near the toilets, up to 60cm away.
We have developed two kits based on stainless steel boards (2mm thick), extended flexible water input and outlet pipes (1m long) and, of course,  a complete set of fastenings  for these elements.

3 part wall support for WiCi Mini hand wash basin

The 3 part design is mountable on a back wall, on a side wall or even in a corner. It is reversible in order to be adapted to all sort of settings and includes a stainless steel holder for the soap dispenser.

Miscellaneous note

  • Payment

Payments for all of our equipment can be by check, wire transfer, credit card payment or Paypal : whichever is most convenient for you ! 
It is also possible to spread payments out over 3 months, at no additional cost : please contact us here.

  • Delivery time

In order to provide fast delivery to you, and when needed, to respond to after-sales service just as quickly, we keep a complete inventory of all the components for our hand washing systems.
This is how, except in certain cases, the delivery of WiCi Mini ® assemblies takes 3 to 5 days from the receipt of an order and related payment. 

  • Contact Information

We are at your disposal for any technical questions (adaptability, how products work, etc.) or logistics questions (ordering process, delivery, etc.) you may have.
As the creators and manufacturers of the WiCi Mini ® product line, we will always be here to answer any questions you may have!
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time by email, telephone or through our contact form here.