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WiCi Boxi ®  countertop basin - Design 2 (round)

*** Without toilet components ***

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WiCi Boxi countertop basin - Design 2

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WiCi Boxi ®  countertop basin - Design 2

*** Without toilet components *** 


It is a nice hand wash basin, with a 60cm length and an internal round design, intended to be put on (or set into) a bathroom countertop or a cabinet.
It is provided with an integrated soap dispenser, adapted tapeware (several designs availaible) as well as a chrome-plated free flowing “mushroom” plug.
This is not a hand wash basin kit intented to work with wall-mounted toilets : in order to find these kits, that includ the adapted components, please visit the WiCi Boxi/WiCi Next section.

The WiCi Boxi ® countertop basin - Design 2 kit contains

WiCi Bati countertop basin

• WiCi Boxi ® hand wash basin, Design 2 (“Round” internal shape), very high quality acrylic, bright white with antibacterial and UV protective coating
Dimensions of the basin : length 60cm, width 25,5cm, height 3cm
• Chrome-plated stainless steel soap dispenser (holds 200 ml) integrated into the wash basin
• Manual cold water tap by Roca  
• Chrome-plated free flowing “mushroom” plug


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Payments for all of our equipment can be by check, wire transfer, credit card or Paypal : whichever is most convenient for you ! 
It is also possible to spread payments out over 3 months, at no additional cost : please take contact here

  • Delivery Time

In order to provide fast delivery to you throughout France, and when needed, to respond to after-sales service just as quickly, we keep a complete inventory of all the components for our hand washing systems.
This is how, except in certain cases, the delivery of WiCi Boxi ® assemblies takes 3 to 5 days from the receipt of an order and related payment. However, please note that this lead time can be extended to up to 2 weeks for the order of a gloss finish casing due to its special production process (cut-out, paint, glaze) which is done individually, upon request.

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We are at your disposal for any technical questions (adaptability, how products work, etc.) or logistics questions (ordering process, delivery, etc.) you may have.
As the creators and manufacturers of the WiCi Boxi ® product line, we will always be here to answer any questions you may have! 
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time by email, telephone or through our contact form here.