Discover our 2017 Summer-Spring Collection

Please click on one of the products below to start configuring your Geberit wall-hung toilet with built-in WiCi Bati ® or WiCi Next ® washbasin.

Here are our hand washbasins for standard toilets (adaptable to existing WC) WiCi Concept, as well as WiCi Mini, a smaller, more economical, but also more practical version!

Find out about our Geberit suspended toilet with integrated washbasins, WiCi Bati & WiCi Next models, in specific configurations set by our designers for the 2017 Spring - Summer Collection! 9 different models are available.

To completely configure your WiCi Bati or WiCi Next suspended toilet with washbasin, for example by choosing another toilet bowl, faucet or other dressing color, go to the dedicated configurator.

The WiCi Concept bidet sprayers allow to offer more comfort in the use of a toilet. WiCi Concept offers a range of bidet sprayers for wall-mounted toilet or for conventional toilet, made of plastic or chromed metal: a very useful accessory!

These bidet sprayers have many advantages: quick and hygienic cleaning of the buttocks, considerable savings in toilet paper, economical rinsing of the toilet bowl after descaling (0.5 liters used against 6), water bucket filling (soil scrubbing) ...

Complete range of built-in accessories for suspended toilets: built-in brush, toilet paper dispenser, toilet paper holder, foldable waste bin, built-in storage, brush + toilet paper holder combo... Made in stainless steel.

WiCi Concept: the only real brand of toilets with hand-wash basins!