Reduced price! WC suspendu Geberit avec lave-main WiCi Bati - Modèle Lipstick Expand

Geberit wall-hung toilet with WiCi Boxi washbasin - Lisptick

WiCi Concept



Geberit toilet with WiCi Boxi washbasin

2018 Spring - Summer Collection, special "Lipstick" model

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Geberit wall-hung toilet with WiCi Boxi washbasin, 2018 Spring - Summer Collection

"Lipstick" model


Here is a customized configuration of the Geberit wall-hung toilet with WiCi Boxi washbasin: "Lipstick" model. 
Our designers selected for you:

  • WiCi Boxi washbasin, design 1 ("square")
  • Hansa design large manual tap, end handle
  • Geberit wall-frame, mechanical, freestanding, low height
  • Allia Prima rimfree toilet bowl, 55 cm
  • "Wall-to-wall" type casing, lacquered finish, color "Salmon pink" (RAL 3022)

Geberit Allia Hansa

In order to compare this Geberit wall-hung toilet with WiCI Boxi washbasin to all the other possible configurations, go the WiCi Boxi configurator

 Geberit wall-hung toilet with WiCI Boxi washbasin - Lipstick

Geberit wall-hung toilet with WiCI Boxi washbasin - Lipstick

WiCi Concept ECO3 - ECOconcu ECOlogique ECOnomique


Detailed content of a Geberit wall-hung toilet kit with WiCi Boxi ® washbasin 

Composition kit WC suspendu avec lave-mains WiCi Bati - bâti-support Geberit version mécanique


  • WiCi Boxi ® washbasin, very high quality acrylic with anti-UV and anti-bacterial treatment, white color, size 60 cm x 25 cm, double sound insulation, design 1 ("square")
  • Evacuation elbow
  • Flush control plate
  • Seals kit
  • Stopcock
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel liquid soap dispenser (capacity 200 ml) integrated into the washbasin
  • Hansa design large manual tap, end handle
  • Chrome "mushroom" drainage vent, free flowing
  • 3/8” male T-junction with stop cock
  • Water supply hoses F3 / 8 - F1 / 2 (X2)
  • Corrugated exhaust hose diameter 38 mm
  • Geberit wall-frame, low height (82 cm), freestanding), white mechanical double-action 3/6 liter control plate, elbow drain PVC diameter 100mm, complete screws kit
  • Allia Prima Rimfree suspended toilet bowl, length 55 cm, soft-close and detachable lid
  • Towel hook in chromed brass - small model by Dietsche
  • Installation instructions, detailed, with beautiful pictures...
  • "Good Use" Self-Adhesive Footprints
  • Extended threaded rods for Geberit Omega wall-frame
  • Lacquered casing (according to chosen configuration), cut to the exact width desired to integrate between your side walls.


Where do our components come from?

origine composants WiCi Bati Next


Lacquered casing personalization

To choose a color according to the RAL code, click here !
Some examples of casing realization: 

Habillage rose pour WC suspendu

Habillage jaune pour WC suspendu

Habillage blanc pour WC suspendu



Customize your Geberit wall-hung toilet with WiCi Boxi washbasin 

To fully personalize your Geberit wall-hung toilet with WiCi Boxi washbasin, for example by choosing another toilet bowl, another tap or another casing color, go to the dedicated configurator.



Additional Information

  • Installation onto Geberit Wall Supports

WiCi Boxi ® is exclusively designed to be installed onto Geberit freestanding and low height wall supports (79 or 82 cm). The installation onto designs by any other new or existing manufacturers is not recommended for ergonomic and technical reasons.
WiCi Boxi ® wash basins are only available for purchase (without a wall support and WC bowl) by professional installers, whom we invite to contact us by email or telephone.

  • Additional WC Bowls or Tapware Choices

If you would like to equip your freestanding WC with a specific WC bowl or tap design, it is now possible!
We invite you to contact us by email or telephone to request a custom quote for the specific components you select.

  • Payment

Payments for all of our equipment can be by check, wire transfer, credit card or Paypal : whichever is most convenient for you !
It is also possible to spread payments out over 3 months, at no additional cost : please take contact here.

Payment Methodes - WiCi Concept

  • Delivery Time

In order to provide fast delivery to you throughout France, and when needed, to respond to after-sales service just as quickly, we keep a complete inventory of all the components for our hand washing systems.
This is how, except in certain cases, the delivery of WiCi Boxi ® assemblies takes 3 to 5 days from the receipt of an order and related payment. However, please note that this lead time can be extended to up to 2 weeks for the order of a gloss finish casing due to its special production process (cut-out, paint, glaze) which is done individually, upon request.

  • Contact Information

We are at your disposal for any technical questions (adaptability, how products work, etc.) or logistics questions (ordering process, delivery, etc.) you may have.
As the creators and manufacturers of the WiCi Boxi ® product line, we will always be here to answer any questions you may have!
Do not hesitate to contact us at any time by email, telephone or through our contact form here.

Data sheet

VasqueWiCi Boxi hand washbasin, design 1 ("square"), 60 cm x 25 cm
Bati-supportGeberit wall-frame, mechanical, freestanding, low height
RobinetManual Tap with open/close function at the end - Small size, by HANSA
Cuvette suspendueAllia Prima Rimfree toilet bowl, 55 cm
HabillageMDF Hydrofuge, finition laquée "Rouge saumon" (RAL 3022)


WiCi Concept range

WiCi Concept 2017 range : everything about our toilets with integrated washbasin, for traditional toilets and wall hung toilets !

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Components detail WiCi Bati Next

Detail of the components provenance for our wall-hung toilets with built-in washbasin, WiCi Bati and WiCi Next models

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BEFORE and AFTER photos

Nice BEFORE and AFTER installation photos for WiCi Bati and WiCi Next models

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Built-in accessories wallhung WC

Our range of stainless steel built-in accessories for wall-hung toilets, with or without handwash basin !

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Technical Annex 2018-T1 WiCi

Technical Annex 2018-T1 for our Geberit wall-hung toilets with built-in washbasin, WiCi range

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Comparison suspended WiCi models

Detailed comparison of our 4 models of Geberit wall-hung toilets with washbasin : WiCi First, WiCi Bati, WiCi Next, WiCi Free Flush

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