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ADESIO raised toilet pack


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Prima Compact cdi toilet pack by Allia

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This floor toilet pack is a compact model by the Allia brand, hidden rotating Multi outlet, with lid with a slow-down closing system, ready to be set, delivered in an unique packaging including :

- a short toilet bowl with a Multi outlet : possible to be used with a horizontal traditional outlet or a vertical outlet when a bent pipe,
- a reversible tank equipped with a silent mechanism, class 1 acoustics, 3L/6L double flush with a chrome-plated push-button and quick fastenings,
- a specific lid, with metallic hinges and a slow-down closing system,
- hidden fastening kit


Cuvette WC Prima cdi compact Allia


This compact model enables to save a few centimeters in every sanitary room, especially when the door is opened from the inside.

Dimensions of the WC Prima Allia cdi compact toilet bowl :
Length : 600mm