Gaz WiCi transformation kit - Model "Biker"

Transforms a toilet pack so you can flush using a motorbike gas handle!

This kit includes every element allowing the ensembly.

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Gaz WiCi "Biker" model

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Gaz WiCi transformation kit - Model "Biker"

Gaz WiCi kit de transformation pour WC

Bannière Gaz WiCi modèle Biker

Content of the Gaz WiCi transformation kit - Mode "Biker"

Gaz WiCi model Biker - kit content

The Gaz WiCi kit includes:

  • Black anodised aluminum gas throttle
  • Black or chrome anodised aluminum/rubber left and right handles
  • Offset 80 cm aluminum handlebars

Tip: the handlebars can be cut to 70 cm to save space, or to 30 cm (half handlebars) for an ultra-compact installation!

  • Flush mechanism

Features: adjustable small and big flush, adjustable overflow, stroke and interfaces adapted to the gas handle, easy return to the neutral position

  • Wall support in solid aluminum machined by CNC + screws
  • Toilet tank gasket - toilet bowl and filling
  • Toilet tank screws - toilet bowl
  • Toilet tank cap - 3D sticker
  • Instructions installation

Other models are available: "Sport" and "Cross" with modified components : throttle, grips, handlebar

Assembly of the Gaz WiCi transformation kit

The assembly is accessible to all, and contains 7 steps:

1. Turn off the water supply, disconnect the float valve, disassemble the toilet tank and the previous flushing mechanism.

Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 1

2. Install the new flushing mechanism, reassemble the tank with the gasket and screws provided, reconnect the float valve with the seal provided.

Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 2

3. Install the tank cap to close the hole, make the cable go through the little hole in the middle should the right-sided tank hole is already used.

Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 3

4. Install the left handle on the handlebars, then the right handle on the throttle.

Tip: The handlebars can be cut 5 cm on each side (total length: 70 cm) in order to get more space, or completely cut in half (total length 35 or 40 cm) for an ultra compact setting!

Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 4A

5. Install the handlebars support to the wall with the screws provided, place the handlebars then screw the second part of the support on the handlebars.

Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 4

6. Connect the flush control to the gas handle then adjust the neutral position via the wheel.

Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 5
Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 6

7. Adjust the flushing system overflow as well as the level for the two flushes around the flushing mechanism.

Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 7


Montage kit de transformation Gaz WiCi 8

Mettre les GAZ

Functioning of the Gaz WiCi transformation kit

With Gaz WiCi, flush the toilet with your wrist, in the purest biker traditions:

  • HALF GAS = small flush adjustable between 2 and 4 litres on the specific flush system
  • FULL GAS = big flush adjustable between 5 and 7 litres on the specific flush system 

Gaz WiCi transformation kit

Utilisation Gaz WiCi 1 Utilisation Gaz WiCi 2 Utilisation Gaz WiCi 3

Note to biker handymen

As a biker, you may possess spare parts such as: handlebars, grips, gas handles.
Naturally, you may want to build your own flush system.
We must therefore inform you that you will be confronted with various difficulties to realize such an installation:

  • the flushing control by cable to be installed in your toilet must meet particular requirements in terms of length, useful stroke and cable interface. In addition, it must allow a return to the neutral position of the gas handle. All these specificities are not present on commercial systems.
  • the gas handle must have an interface and a stroke adapted to the aforementioned flush.
  • the handlebar must have a diameter of exactly 22.0 mm to cohabit with the gas handle and the wall support.
  • the wall-frame is also a tailor-made piece to allow to hang the handlebars on the wall.

In order to avoid unnecessary loss of time and inconvenience, and in spite of the parts at your disposal, we invite you to consider the WiCi Gaz kit as a homogeneous assembly, easy to assemble, with efficient operation and guaranteed reliability !