Flexible CETA Multiforme waste pipe for floor mounted toilets Expand

Flexible CETA Multiforme waste pipe for floor mounted toilets




The best pipe in the world : flexible, extensive, quick and reliable !
For any design and any floor toilets

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The flexible waste pipe for floor toilet bowls

The well-known flexible drain pipe, Multiforme design by CETA, is the best solution for put together your toilet bowl and the wastewater network : the setting up is both super easy and reliable, on any wall frame !

No more putting together of PVC pipes, which is very tedious and timewasting.

Contrary to popular opinion, this pipe drains off really well and even better than a classical pipe, due to its spiral inside shape that causea whirl effect

Flexible Multiforme pipe
- Adaptable to any situatuin : compressible, extendable and swivelling flexible hosepipe
- Length : 280 to 650 mm
- Quick outflow : specific spiral-shaped and flat inside, even in corned
- Perfect impermeability : keep its initial form and prevent pressure on handles
- Material : polyolefine with a retaining ring in steel

Multiforme wedged connector pipe
- Quick, clean and removable setting out : no gluing on the draining pipes - diametre : 100 and 110mm
- Toilet side : ceramic Ø 102 mm ± 5 mm
- Wall support : fits all sleeve clamps
- Sustainable impermeability : specific wedges and no constraints
- Material : polyolefine and PVC