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Adaptable Japanese Blu-T toilet seat (by WCLUX)

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All the features for the confort and hygiene you are expecting, at the best price and made in France !
Design with a remote control and LED light

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 Adaptable Japanese Blu-T toilet seat

The Japanese toilets, also called bidet toilets, are a smart electronic toilet seat, equiped with small spurts that are both precise and customizable (position, wavering, power and temperature).
This design holds several features (see the listing below) that offer you daily comfort and hygiene.
It is intended to be used by children and adults but also eldery people and people with reduced mobility.
With Japenese bidet toilets, you save toilet paper and your time, and it helps you with several medical issues (hemorroids, constipation, post-partum issues,…)

Compatible with 95% with round or oval-shaped European toilets : see the compatibility list below to make sure. Please, contact us if needed.

Dimensions pour abattant WC japonais Blu-T

Principal features of the adaptable Japanese Blu-T bidet toilets :

  • Cleaning / Bidet (temperature and adaptable water pressure)
  • Drying (adjustable air temperature)
  • Heated toilet seat (adaptable temperature)
  • Smell extracting fan
  • Grey, red or white infrared remote control 
  • Slowed down closing of the seat and the lid


Other features of adaptable Japanese Blu-T bidet toilets :

  • Blue LED light : a built-in system that light up your toilets when the lighting in the room is weak or obscure : very handy and stylish !
  • Purge : system that help you getting rid of constipation thanks to an energic spur
  • Coming and going : the coming and going movement of the pipe has a relaxing effect
  • Massage : a feature that relaxes your muscles thanks to a spur on the anal area
  • Adjustable pipe position, as you please


Technical characteristics of the Japanese Blu-T toilet seat : 

Electric supply : ground connection 220-240V, 50/60 Hz  (integrated 220V/12V transformator) 
Max power : 720W
Normes : CE / ROHS / LVD / CEM

Dimensions : L48xl49.5xh18.5
Weight : 7,2kg 
Length of the electric cable : 1,7m
Needed water pressure : minimum 0,7 bars / Maximum 7,5 bars

Water quantity, by minute : 
 Cleaning : 0,9L/min
 Bidet : 0,8L/min
 Purging : 0,8L/m
Water pressure : 0,4 to 4,5 kgf/cm3
Water temperature : de 34°C à 41°C
Seat temperature : de 34°C à 41°C
Drying  temperature : de 30°C à 50°C
Water tank capacity : 1,4L

Heating power of the water tank : 600W
Heating of the seat : 50W
Heating of the drying : 250 W

Air temperature security : circuit breaker
Temperature security : thermostat/circuit breaker
Security sensor : motion sensor built into the seat

*** Blu-T new edition, with evolution including :

  • Set of washing nozzles optimized for reduced scaling limestone and a greater durability.
  • Double electronic plate for more speed in the functions’ start and a greater durability
  • Transparent scale filter enabling to see the deposits and optimise replacement time

Made in France

Warranty : 2 years, quick after-sale service