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White WATERflush universal economic toilet tank

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Having received the golden medal of the Lépine awards in 2012, the WATERflush universal rotative toilet tank is a pioneering, fun and pedagogical cistern system !

Fonctionnement d'une chasse d'eau traditionnelle


The tank has no seels so that the leakages are over !
Composed of a rotating bucket, containing the water used for the flush, that is activated by a sliding bouton.

Le bouton coulissant de la chasse d'eau économique universelle     Baquet coulissant de la chasse d'eau economique universelle

The system enables you to control, very easily, the quantity of water that you use for the flush (2,3,4, 5 or 6 liters) and to save up to 50% of your water us !

                  Fonctionnement d'une chasse d'eau économique universelle        

Dimensions of the universal economic toilet tank :
Height : 490mm
Length : 415mm
Depth : 190 mm

Material :
Ultra-resistant recyclable ABS

Distance :
from a minimum of 137 mm to a maximum of 237 mm

Colour :
Also available in see-through version